Show #3

Show #3


Leafy Baby Blanket






















blanket 2






































Aise 2









































Wayside Lace Cardigan

Triangel Shawl/kerchief

Yoshino Socks

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Sassypants Knitter

In A Snit

Proverbial Knitter


I hope I didn’t forget anything.  If you need any other info,  just let me know!




So, Yay! I finished the body of the Wayside Cardi and started the sleeves last night.  I was going to do them two at a time, but I just couldn’t figure it out.

sleeve 2 (2)

I also ripped out my 1st attempt of the Humphrey Vest and cast on again.  This time, I’m much happier.


It is soooo pretty outside today that I’m actually contemplating getting out there to do a bit of gardening.

Options, options.  Gardening, or knitting….

Haze Cowl

So pretty!

MadelineTosh.  It’s either Prairie, or Lace.  I can’t remember which, and of course,  I no longer have the label.


Pattern calls for only 450 yards of Lace weight.

US size 5 needle.

I have too many projects going, so I’ve no idea when I’ll finish this.

But, it’s the journey.  Or, so I tell myself :P


Lancet Socks

Or, in this case, sock.

2nd sock syndrome, coming up.


This was a fun and interesting sock pattern.  I do believe I’m going to cast on the 2nd sock any day now.

Also, because you decrease to form the pattern at top of foot, you increase on those same rows, on the bottom of foot.

20140304_133920This makes the sock fit really nice!  It’s like custom shaping for the sock.

I used Loops & Threads Luxury Sock that I snatched from the bay of E.

60% wool, 30% Nylon and 10% cashmere.  Color: %  Redwoods

Very nice stuff, but we shall see how it holds up.  Uber soft but feels strong.